Month: June 2011

Keirin: Speed Racers – video

Keirin is a track cycling event in which racing cyclists sprint for victory. Keirin originated in Japan in 1948; the first Olympic competitions in the sport occurred in 2000. In competitions, this event is often conducted in several rounds in order to reduce the number of competitors to one “final” round of 6–9 riders. Keirin began as a betting sport in Japan in 1948, and has since become very popular. Aspiring professional keirin riders in Japan compete for entrance into the Japan Keirin School. The 10 percent of applicants who are accepted then undergo a strict, 15-hours per day, training regimen. Those who pass the graduation exams, and are approved by the NJS become eligible for professional keirin races in Japan. This movie made by Jonathan de Villiers shows the amazing world of Keirin in Japan. Enjoy the spectacle! Keirin: Speed Racers on Top photo by ta_do.

Geoff Roes — Slogging to the Top | video

Geoff Roes, 35, has been dominating 100-mile races for a few years now, but is just coming into his own as a professional (trail)runner. He splits his time between Nederland, Colorado and Juneau, Alaska and his training and racing style directly reflects the unique landscape in the areas that he calls home.

Rapha Rides the Victorian Alps – video short

[wide][/wide] Rapha has a very nice video short online about their ride in the Victorian Alps, Australia. As with most Rapha films this is a very inspirational and informative production to watch. The Victorian Alps is a 235km loop featuring three mountain passes with nearly 5,000 vertical meters of climbing. Enjoy!

Alabamboo Bikes by COMMON projects

COMMON is a brand that is community designed, community owned, and community directed. It is a single open source brand – a living network – for rapidly prototyping many progressive businesses that unleash creativity to solve social problems. During the summer of 2010, two Brooklyn cyclists brought bamboo bicycles to rural Alabama. Sean and Marty of the Bamboo Bike Studio in Brooklyn, NY brought down knowledge, tools and a contagious spirit of possibility. Their Alabamboo Bikes will be one of the first COMMON projects. Check out this Flickr set to see some photos of the building proces of an Alabamboo Bike.

Reebok Harrier Weathermax

Reebok Harrier Weathermax – Fall 2011

The Reebok Harrier Weathermax looks like a cross between an outdoor shoe and a trainer. This hybrid shoe has a neoprene inner sock and an upper made with materials like rip-stop nylon, mesh and suede. Start hiking in style! The Reebok Harrier Weathermax is available this summer.

Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove

Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove

The Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove was named Best Debut by Runner’s World Magazine, April 2011. It is Merrell’s take on a minimal trail shoe that mimics barefoot running. The shoe has an ultra-lightweight upper with a synthetic leather foot sling for stability and fits like a glove, hence the name.

New Balance WO703G GR (women)

New Balance WO703G GR Women

The New Balance WO703G GR hiking shoe for women comes in a pink and grey colour combination. The use of Gore-Tex material makes the WO703G GR waterproof and breathable. The shoe is both solid as comfortable which makes it perfect for hiking in the city and the outdoors as well.

New Balance 710 Hiker

New Balance 710 Hiker

Lightweight is just as important in hiking as it is in running. A good example is the lightweight New Balance 710 hiking shoe that comes in a grey suede and black leather version.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO – The 695g frame

Roadbikes need to be lighter, stronger and faster. As for lightweight the american brand Cannondale has set a new record with its 695g frame. Cannondale Bicycles launched their new SuperSix EVO chassis in Torino, Italy, last month. The project is the result of two full years of development. With the new SuperSix Evo, Cannondale have created the world’s lightest production frame at 695g. And in a b/w colorversion this bike cannot go wrong.