Month: February 2012

The man who lived on his bike

[wide][/wide] The above video by Guillaume Blanchet is dedicated to his 64 years old father who has been riding his bike over 120 000 km. That’s almost like living on your bike and that’s exactly what Guillaume is portraying in the video. To do this he spent 382 days riding through the streets of Montreal, Canada. Enjoy!

Rapha Spring/Summer 2012 teasers

[wide][/wide] [wide][/wide] The new Rapha Spring/Summer 2012 range features exciting new products as well as updated specifications to existing Rapha classics and distinctive seasonal colourways. Like no other Rapha knows how to document the pure thrill of riding. These teasers do no less than that. See more images from the range here.

Ultramontane & Company – Andreas Hestler

[wide][/wide] Andrea Hestler aka “Dre” started his career in mountain biking in 1986, the same year the creators of Ultramontane were born. 25 years later after a long and successful world cup career Dre still has an unrivalled passion for cycling and adventure. It was only a matter of time before Ultramontane and Dre collaborated. Ultramontane is a collaborative effort with Connor Macleod as videographer and Derek Dix as photographer. The concept is to work together both as media and riders to showcase winter riding in South Western B.C.