Month: December 2012

TRANSCEND – A New Film Featuring The World’s Greatest Marathon Runners

Long distance running is the most defining characteristic of the human race. Our ability to run at moderate speeds for long distances is a uniquely human characteristic. A human being can outrun every animal over a marathon. It is therefore very interesting to think about what exactly it is that inspires people to run and what inspires the greatest distance runners to run at the speed they do. As runners of all levels enter into prolonged periods of breathing and pacing they often experience something commonly known as a “runner’s high”. Scientifically explained as the activation of endorphins, there is something to this experience, which lends itself to also having a spiritual explanation. These long periods of running bring about a calm and peaceful mentality and perspective, characteristically similar to spiritual practices like meditation and prayer. Many of the greatest endurance runners in the world find their identity in a particular faith. Belonging to something bigger than themselves, their faith gives them greater perspective and enables them to better deal with doubt and defeat. From …

Nike ACG Okwahn II – Black Sheep

The Okwahn II is a more streamlined version of Nike’s staple ACG shoe, the Air Okwahn ACG. Like the original, this modern take on the model has been designed with function in mind, with added detailing such as a reinforced heel and toe-box , rope laces and heel pull. With all ACG product, a rugged, outdoor aesthetic is a major part in the design, and the Okwahn II is no different. This limited edition Quickstrike version is available now at Hanon. · · · ◊ ◊ ◊ · · ·

H&M for Brick Lane Bikes collection 2013

H&M has announced a men’s capsule collection with fixed gear shop Brick Lane Bikes of East London, combining the function of cycling wear with great city style for both on and off the bike. The 11 piece collection has been designed by H&M and tested and approved by Brick Lane Bikes, one of the world’s leading custom-bike specialists. Inspired by both vintage pieces and today’s sports performance, the collection is made from more sustainable materials as part of H&M’s Conscious work. The collection will be launched on March 7, 2013 in around 180 stores worldwide, as well as online. · · · ◊ ◊ ◊ · · ·