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adidas terrex Boost

As one of the first brands that started manufacturing trail running shoes, adidas has included its innovative Boost foam into a trail running shoe called terrex Boost. To ensure this shoe isn’t too wobbly on trails, it has been designed with a plastic cap in the rearfoot to limit lateral movement upon impact. The terrex Boost shoe has a 9mm heel-toe offset.
It looks like the Salomon Speedcross is up for some stiff competition.

In spring/summer ’15, adidas Outdoor will relaunch terrex. Besides established key products, the terrex range will be completed with several new versatile and lightweight styles. They are made without compromise, with the finest materials and always with the purpose of supporting athletes. The new terrex range is made for athletes with unlimited imagination, who want to constantly redefine their limits and set new targets – no matter how they explore the outdoors: biking, climbing, running or flying.