Carapace Custom Wetsuits tailormade

In December of 2011, fed up with the poor fitting, low quality wetsuits on the market, co-founder Alex Wang started obsessing over how and if a high quality, custom-fit and affordable wetsuit could be built. After months of research, he teamed up with fellow waterman Andrew Park and together, they decided to take the leap of faith into the competitive wetsuit industry.

Wanting to truly understand wetsuit construction, they began learning to build wetsuits themselves one prototype at a time. With the mentorship of Mark Malinski, former General Manager of Body Glove International, Alex and Andrew began developing a truly quality wetsuit with an exceptional fit.

Their mission is a humble and simple one: Handcrafting custom-fit wetsuits for surfing and diving from the finest materials in the world. Resulting in custom-tailored wetsuits that are innovative in both design and functionality.

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