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Deux North HUNT 5 video The adventure continues

Deux North Hunt 5

The Hunt Series started out from an urge to adventure and youthful fun by brothers James and Dylan Nord who started the Deux North movement. In search of the freedom and thrill they knew growing up, but had lost as adults, the ventured out in the form of the Hunts. Stories about discovering new roads, getting lost and taking changes. Things we wholeheartedly support here at Upprvalley.

For Deux North’s Hunt 5, the crew teamed up with Specialized Bicycles to take a group of 7 hunters to Spain on their new Diverge. The hunt opens in Salou, just outside of Barcelona. Why watch the Hunt? Because more than the beautiful views, pristine pavement, and good company it’s every unknown road, wrong turn, fall, and misstep that makes the Hunt. And any good adventure for that matter.

Finished watching? Then check out the inspiring photography of the journey at the Hunt website.