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In One Day: Ivan Zinn’s Western States Run

In One Day: Ivan Zinn’s Western States Run is a short film by Journeyfilm. Last year, an ultramarathoner by the name of Ivan Zinn set out to run Western States in under 24 hours. His crew documented his progress. Journeyfilm compiled that footage to tell this inspiring story from the “mid-pack” of ultrarunning. The producers will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Western States Trail preservation.

It features interviews with Ivan, his wife and his crew as they grapple with the implications of running such an ambitious time as well as interviews with 2014 Western States frontrunners Rob Krar, Stephanie Howe, Larisa Dannis and Brett Rivers.

We all enjoy documentaries about the top mountain runners, but its refreshing to see a portrait about one of the runners from the large pack starting behind them. One to watch for sure.