Keirin: Speed Racers – video

Keirin Speed Racers

Keirin is a track cycling event in which racing cyclists sprint for victory. Keirin originated in Japan in 1948; the first Olympic competitions in the sport occurred in 2000. In competitions, this event is often conducted in several rounds in order to reduce the number of competitors to one “final” round of 6–9 riders. Keirin began as a betting sport in Japan in 1948, and has since become very popular. Aspiring professional keirin riders in Japan compete for entrance into the Japan Keirin School. The 10 percent of applicants who are accepted then undergo a strict, 15-hours per day, training regimen. Those who pass the graduation exams, and are approved by the NJS become eligible for professional keirin races in Japan.
This movie made by Jonathan de Villiers shows the amazing world of Keirin in Japan. Enjoy the spectacle!

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Top photo by ta_do.