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Mile for Mile A Film About Trail Running and Conservation in Patagonia

Ultrarunners Krissy Moehl, Jeff Browning and Luke Nelson run 106 miles through the newly opened Patagonia Park in Chile, to celebrate and highlight Conservacion Patagonica’s efforts to re-wild and protect this vast landscape.

The three runners ran through the diverse ecosystems the organization Conservacion Patagonica is seeking to protect by incorporating them into the planned, 640,000-acre park.

This short video, presented by Patagonia tells the story of their journey, set against a stunning backdrop of breathtaking sceneries. In the video the runners interview locals and members of Conservacion Patagonica to learn more about the conservation efforts and how the international trail-running community can get involved. For instance, you can donate to Conservacion Patagonica, and help build 50 miles of trail. Patagonia will match your donation, mile for mile.

The total estimated cost per mile is $1,600. Matching program ends December 31, 2015. For more information visit patagonia.com/us/the-new-localism/mile-for-mile