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Salomon Running TV – To The Sea The connection between trail running and surfing

Salomon Running TV To The Sea

Salomon releases its 7th episode of season 4 titled ‘To The Sea’. A 3 minute film that took no less than 3 years to make. The movie explores the similarities between trail running and surfing through the perspectives of Salomon and Ultra Runner Ryan Sandes, Pro Big-Wave Surfer Frank Solomon and the first ever surfing World Champion and pioneer of professional surfing, Shaun Tomson.

In the late 70s, surfing was professionalised by a group of young surfers, allowing them the chance to make a career out of doing what they loved most. Today the sport of Trail Running finds itself following a similar path.

That feeling of freedom and openness is a commonality that surfers and runners share

Shaun Tomson, 1977 IPS World Champion

Trail running is all about purity, freedom, adventure and endless possibilities. Just like surfing is and that is why both sports are more kindred spirits than most of us would have thought. The connection that trail runners have with mountains and enjoying the outdoors is no different than what surfers have with the ocean and being outside.

Enjoy this beautiful movie produced by Salomon and The African Attachment.