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Sellaronde Trail Running 5th edition

Sellaronde Trail Running 2015

Last weekend, September 12, the fifth edition of Sellaronde Trail Running was held. With more than 300 runners representing over 15 countries, from Europe to the United States and as far as Peru. All gathered in the Ladin valleys in the Dolomite mountains in Italy for a technically challenging race, with its 59 kilometers and 3,378 meters in altitude.

The participants have at most 12 hours of time to round the picturesque Sella Massif along the famous Sellaronda. On the 59 km long racetrack through the Dolomites, the participants have to master an altitude difference of almost 3,400 meters. Timekeeping spots subdivide the track into different stages. Who does not reach the spots in the predetermined time is eliminated from the race. The winners of the last years have accomplished the racetrack in less than 6 hours.

The mountain running race along the famous Sellaronda is a big challenge but the runners are rewarded with a magnificent view over the Dolomites.