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Trek Madone 7 Series 2013

What better way to describe the forthcoming Trek Madone 7 Series to be debuted in 2013 then in Trek’s own words. So here it goes: Want to go fast? Ride a race bike. Want to go faster? Ride a Trek OCLV Carbon race bike. Want to go fastest? Ride Madone 7 Series. And see how fastest feels. Madone 7 Series is the road racing bike champions have dreamed of. The lightest. The fastest. Incredibly aero. Built by hand to win it all. Because fast is everything. And if those words are not inspiring enough, watch the promotional video below.

Giro Helmets: Developing the Air Attack – video

The Air Attack is Giro’s ending to the compromise of having the three attributes of Aero, Cool and Light in one helmet. With a compact, versatile design that creates less aerodynamic drag than their best road helmets, and a patent pending approach to ventilation that provides better cooling power than their best aero helmets, the Air Attack redefines performance. By reducing drag and helping to maintain your optimal temperature, it can enhance your body’s efficiency, in effect giving you a boost of free speed. The Air Attack is available from Spring 2013.

The North Face Hyper-Track Guide

The North Face Hyper-Track Guide is a new running shoe model that will be released in 2013. It has been built with an 8mm heel-toe offset and includes a new platform that stacks a softer midsole foam on top of a firmer foam to enhance comfortability during your ride. The Cradle Guide™ technology makes sure that your feet is somewhat forced into a natural running movement. The lightweight upper is made of mesh and has a seamless construction. The North Face Hyper-Track Guide is suitable for both road and off-road running. Via RunningWarehouse