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Deux North Hunt 5

Deux North HUNT 5 video The adventure continues

The Hunt Series started out from an urge to adventure and youthful fun by brothers James and Dylan Nord who started the Deux North movement. In search of the freedom and thrill they knew growing up, but had lost as adults, the ventured out in the form of the Hunts. Stories about discovering new roads, getting lost and taking changes. Things we wholeheartedly support here at Upprvalley.

Molweni Trail Run

Molweni Trail Run 2015 – full movie Presented by Salomon

The Molweni Trail Run is a trail running race held annually in KwaZulu-Natal, South-Africa, covering 32km and 6.5km. The race was held on 2 and 3 May 2015. The event consists of 2 consecutive days of trail running over different trails within the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. With some of the most spectacular views and experiences a runner could expect to find in other large mountain ranges, runners will be amazed at the views, landscapes and terrain.

Chasing Western - a ginger runner film

Chasing Western film The 2015 Gorge Waterfalls 100k

Hundreds of ultrarunners gathered on the grass below Multnomah Falls in Oregon to run the Gorge Waterfalls 100k. As part of the 2015 Montrail Ultra Cup Series, The Gorge Waterfalls 100k awards a special prize to the first two men and women that cross the finishline. The film documents the story of what unfolded into a difficult and technical 62 miles of waterfall-filled singletrack.

Salomon presents The Forest – episode 05

Salomon Running TV presents episode 05 of the fourth season. In this episode of The Forest, the team pays ode to the quiet moments of solitude and appreciation that only the wild can give us. Ultra- and trailrunners Anna Frost, Rickey Gates and Matt Flaherty head to the ancient Redwoods of Northern California and give heat to the call of the wild. Amazing piece of inspirational filming by The African Attachment. Enjoy!

The 2015 Orcas Island 50K video A Ginger Runner film

The Orcas Island 50k (and its sister race, the Orcas Island 25k) is quite unique in the trail running world. The course alone makes this race special – old-growth forests, tough climbs, and spectacular views of surrounding islands, mountains, and Puget Sound – but what truly sets it apart is the sense of community.  With live music, great post-race food and beer, and a chance to hang out all weekend on a gorgeous island with your trail runner friends, these are the oldest and some of the most beloved of all the Rainshadow running races – Races that will leave you wondering: Why run anywhere else? Thusfar goes the introduction on the organizers website on the Orcas Islang 50k race that makes many trailrunners heatbeat go faster. The race is growing in popularity which lead to this years edition being a lottery and this will be no different for 2016. The following film made by the Ginger Runner gives more than a stunning impression of this years 10th annual running of the event. Enjoy!

The Squamish 50/50 – a Ginger Runner film

What’s the second best thing to go out and run? Watching well directed and edited movies of other people running. Well, maybe not the second best thing but certainly a close contender. In August 2013, the Ginger Runner ran the Squamish 50 mile ultramarathon. It was the hardest race he had run and it destroyed his body and mind. Rather than back down and give in to the race, he pushed on and struggled to the finishline. After making a vow to never go back, he returned in 2014 to not only run the 50 mile race again, but tack on the 50k race the following day in what has been coined, The Squamish 50/50. In short, that’s the synopsis of the movie and the ingredients to make it a very entertaining and motivating short to watch.

The Official Montane Spine Race Film 2015 The Story of a Great British Adventure

What is the Montane Spine Race film all about? Simply put it is the story of Britain’s most brutal race. Follow the athletes as they get to grips mentally and physically with The Spine Race 2015, as they learn to cope with sleep deprivation, the threat of hypothermia, the highs and lows, experience the incredible & unique camaraderie, the relationships that develop and the life changing experience, which is The Spine Race. The Spine Race is widely reported by international media as one of the world’s hardest races, held in Britain. Competitors must cover all 268miles of The Pennine Way trail on foot in a time limit of 7 Days, in the midst of the ever changing and extreme British winter. The Montane Spine Race does not care who you are, what experience you have or how fast you think you are. More info here.


500 Miles to Nowhere video

Ever wondered what a great adventure it would be to just take off and go paragliding for the next 500 miles? Thankfully it has been captured amazingly on video so you won’t have to close your eyes and daydream about it. You can do that after the video. What is this all about Paragliding pilots Nate Scales, Nick Greece, Matt Beechinor and Gavin McClurg attempt a bivvy line from Hurricane Ridge, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Filmed by Michael Paul Jones and Jeremy Canon with RED Epic cameras, human flight has never been captured in such a dramatic way and inspiring way. Come along for the ride at 18,000 feet as the pilots are stymied by frustrating weather but find their love and passion for flight grows even deeper.