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Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts Pocket science

Jeff Browning wanted trail running shorts with pockets—lots of pockets. For years he asked for more. Finally he sewed on his own, modifiying early prototypes until they could handle everything he wanted, from energy gels to a Houdini® Jacket. His tinkering resulted in the Strider Pro Shorts—built for a full day of mountain running and developed, tested and proven in the outdoor lab.

Patagonia – Tracing the Edge

/—/ Outdoor merk Patagonia presenteert een nieuwe video serie waarin zij de carrières van drie Patagonië ambassadeurs belichten, o.a. die van ultrarunner Krissy Moehl. /—/ Outdoor brand Patagonia presents a new video series tracing the careers of three Patagonia ambassadors, including US top ultrarunner Krissy Moehl. Part 1 Part2 Part3