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Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts Pocket science

Jeff Browning wanted trail running shorts with pockets—lots of pockets. For years he asked for more. Finally he sewed on his own, modifiying early prototypes until they could handle everything he wanted, from energy gels to a Houdini® Jacket. His tinkering resulted in the Strider Pro Shorts—built for a full day of mountain running and developed, tested and proven in the outdoor lab.

Find your flow and adapt to the path – Peak Performance trail running school

Peak Performance was established in 1986 as a ski clothing company and is one of Sweden’s largest clothing companies. The outdoor sports company has expanded into clothing for other sports as well, including trail running. To help their customers become better trail runners, Peak Performance has started a teaching programm. With the advice and tips from André Jonsson, trail runner from Storlien, Sweden, the Peak Performance trail running school will help you become better on the trails. At the moment of publishing this post, the series contain 3 video’s for you to watch and learn from. You can watch episode 2 here and 3 here.

adidas terrex Boost

As one of the first brands that started manufacturing trail running shoes, adidas has included its innovative Boost foam into a trail running shoe called terrex Boost. To ensure this shoe isn’t too wobbly on trails, it has been designed with a plastic cap in the rearfoot to limit lateral movement upon impact. The terrex Boost shoe has a 9mm heel-toe offset. It looks like the Salomon Speedcross is up for some stiff competition. In spring/summer ’15, adidas Outdoor will relaunch terrex. Besides established key products, the terrex range will be completed with several new versatile and lightweight styles. They are made without compromise, with the finest materials and always with the purpose of supporting athletes. The new terrex range is made for athletes with unlimited imagination, who want to constantly redefine their limits and set new targets – no matter how they explore the outdoors: biking, climbing, running or flying.

For The Love – a love letter to trail running

For the love is a short movie that functions as a love letter to trail running. And in this case specifically in the Californian Marin headlands area in the US. You can run the same trails day in day out, but everytime they will be different trails. You can hear new sounds, smell new smells, see different clouds and animals and your feet will never pound the trails like they pound city streets. Enjoy this cinematic poem short because it captures the spirit of trail running right in its essence.