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When Karl met Kilian

Karl Egloff meets Kilian Jornet

It’s not everyday that an athlete helps someone break his own records, but then Kilian Jornet has never been that kind of an athlete. When he was contacted by mountain guide Karl Egloff, a runner who’s broken his speed ascent records on Aconcagua and Kilimanjaro and was looking to meet up, Kilian’s response was, “great idea”’!

Luckily for us this meeting has been documented and makes for an entertaining 2 minutes footage of two amazing mountain running experts. And one of the two is actually breaking the speed records of the other. Most recently mountain runner Karl Egloff set a new FKT on Aconcagua in the Andes last February and broke Kilian’s record of no less than two months earlier. Karl’s secret? Make for a faster ascend than Kilian since he knew he would not outrun him on the descend.

“Kilian is almost unbeatable on the downhill, so I needed to ascend faster than him to have a chance”
by Karl Egloff

According to the film maker nothing was set-up and it was really the first time they met. They were both excited to meet aand there was no such thing as rivalry between the two of them. Karl came all the way from Ecuador to Chamonix with ambitions to break Kilian’s 4h 57m speed record on Mt Blanc. As it happened the attempt was called off as conditions were not ideal but it proved to be a good experience for Karl.